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First time here, read this first…

Things are not changing, they’ve already changed. Marketing is not about interrupting someone, it’s about passion and permission. Business websites are broken. They are meant to sell but they don’t. Meant to inspire but they don’t. Meant to build a tribe but they don’t. There will be posts of marketing strategies and tactics, case histories… Read More »

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Crowd Sourced Physical Therapy App

I have two degenerated discs in my lower back and they do hurt. For the past few years I’ve been getting a nerve block procedure that had provided significant relief. My first nerve block lasted for one year. The next for about 8 months and the last one for two or three months. Boo-hoo. While… Read More »

Getting your tool on Google’s 1st page

Dissect/Analyze Aah Marketing’s two spa cover sites. Two different URLs leading to the same tool, both ranked for 1st page. IP, Domain name, Code behind – what to analyze and how I do it. This is a business and technical article – the business side is about the technique and accomplishment getting two of your sites… Read More »

Is your website selling for you?

What’s the purpose of your website? Do you have a purpose? Who is it targeting? Have you asked yourself these questions? The web didn’t come with a manual so you have to figure it our for yourself, be taught or buy talent to help you. With that said no one can say for certain exactly… Read More »

Facebook suicide

Having a marketing strategy where you have Facebook (Twitter, etc) only presence on the web is awful. If Facebook is not used right, it’s Facebook suicide, here’s why. A story There’s a book store in my town owned and run by a nice guy that retired from another business and does this as passion. It’s… Read More »

What will become of the Library?

Slate magazine published an article by this title drawing the conclusion that libraries will be without books and it’s inevitable. Well, that may be but the present presents me with an opportunity to help public libraries everywhere make money and stay relevant. We’ll get to the product in a bit, first, let me tell you… Read More »

Why “Gump”?

My nickname is Gump and I don’t mean as in Forrest Gump. I mean I was nicknamed at age 10 in summer camp when I found a sport I was naturally good at – hockey. After playing a number of games and doing an outstanding job playing hockey, a counsellor called me Gump. “Gump?” Well,… Read More »